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Sunrise from Wyecamphere

Welcome to Wyecamphere.

Wyecamphere is a campsite on the banks of the River Wye. The site can be your base camp for 2-3 days canoeing on the River Wye or is one days rowing downstream from Hay-on-Wye or Glasbury. The sun wasn't shining last week and the group from London (see pic) cut down the palm tree and had a camp fire. This means anyone wanting a fire now must bring their own wood!

Wyecamphere is for the enthusiast camper and canoer. The campsite is on the right bank of the River Wye, 1 mile below Monnington Falls and is immediately to the north of Preston-on-Wye church accessible through the farm yard at Newcourt Farm. (See map)

Mains water is provided and a portaloo is available from May - September.

Camp fires are only permitted when there is absolutely no fire risk to crops and you must bring your firewood with you.

The palm tree burnt well
Tesco .com delivered food for a great barbecue

Email site owner; farmer@wyecamphere.com

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Wyecamphere * Newcourt * Preston-on-Wye * Hereford * HR2 9JU
Tel 01981 500349 / 07970822447
email,  farmer@wyecamphere.com